Got Craft? Market

Vancouverites who are actively involved in the handmade community must have heard of Got Craft? at least one point in their lives.  Organised by Andrea and Robert, Got Craft? happens bi-annually at the Maritime Labour Centre and has been connecting handmade artists to the public since 2007 (wow – talk about experience!)!

My first GotGraft? Market (as an attendee) was last winter.  I had such a great time (and haul) back then that I was quite looking forward to this year’s spring market! Continue reading “Got Craft? Market”


Handmade Market: My Point of View as a Shopper!

One of the best thing about attending handmade markets is that you really never know the gems you’ll find.  Imagine, a seemingly “easy” skill can transform ordinary objects into exquisitely intricate pieces.  (I.e. a skein of yarn can be engineered into a plush or a luxurious throw depending on the way you work with it!)

After hanging out at enough of said markets, I’ve grown to really appreciate the time, effort, and passion that each individual maker invest into their products.  Without a doubt, this has to do with the fact that I am a small shop owner myself and am regularly pour in countless hours on creating amigurumi plushes for my own customers.   That being said though, owning an Etsy shop versus doing a handmade market show is a completely different story.

Continue reading “Handmade Market: My Point of View as a Shopper!”