FREE PATTERN: Simple Cactus Decor


Ahhh!  I’ve been absent for months and I seriously wonder why I even bother to pay for a website…-_- Anyway!!!  I free-handed a cactus last Sunday and have been wanting to share this with all of you.  I hope there are no silly mistakes, but since I am typing this at 12:48am, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.  Please feel free to message me if you spot anything weird!

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FREE PATTERN: Amigurumi Kitten in Spooky Pumpkin!

Amigurumi Kitten in Spooky Pumpkin


Hi everyone!  Halloween is just around the corner and I thought I’d share a little cute project so you can make one for yourself, friends, coworkers, children…etc!  I’m all about creating patterns that are beginner-friendly and doesn’t take too long to make.  Hopefully some of you will have a bit of spare time to crochet this before Halloween!!

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FREE PATTERN: Easy Peasy Amigurumi Mini Turtles


Those who follow me on Instagram probably remember my mini crocheted turtle.  At that time, I was pretty skeptical (as in, he didn’t look like anything that would be liked by anyone) of him in terms of fitting into the Croochet world.  He was subsequently casted as a “failed project” and placed in a forbidden box…never to see daylight again.  I eventually forgot about him until I tidied up my room recently and took a curious look to see what else is in that box.  Upon opening the lid, mini turtle looked at me with tiny glistening eyes.  I picked him up, glared at him for a good minute and thought: “hmmmm….you kindddaaaa look cuter than I remembered you to be!”.

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Bulby Blushing Cactus: A Newly Revamped Pattern


Woohoo!  I’m so happy that my newly revamped Bulby Blushing Cactus Pattern is now listed on Etsy!  Unlike most cactus patterns, mine one is a little different and some parts can be tricky.  I’d like to thank my testers for helping me ensure my instruction was easy to understand and suitable even for beginners.  However, I strongly advise you to learn the very basics of crochet (i.e. sc, increase, decrease) prior to starting.  I’ve included many detailed and close-up photos to guide you through the entire process — its amazing how something that is relatively simple can be quite hard to explain!  With a total of 8 sheets (16 pages) of full-colored instructions and an estimated completion time of 2-3 hrs, this pattern is really perfect for those wanting to spend an afternoon crafting alone or with friends!
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