Bulby Blushing Cactus: A Newly Revamped Pattern


Woohoo!  I’m so happy that my newly revamped Bulby Blushing Cactus Pattern is now listed on Etsy!  Unlike most cactus patterns, mine one is a little different and some parts can be tricky.  I’d like to thank my testers for helping me ensure my instruction was easy to understand and suitable even for beginners.  However, I strongly advise you to learn the very basics of crochet (i.e. sc, increase, decrease) prior to starting.  I’ve included many detailed and close-up photos to guide you through the entire process — its amazing how something that is relatively simple can be quite hard to explain!  With a total of 8 sheets (16 pages) of full-colored instructions and an estimated completion time of 2-3 hrs, this pattern is really perfect for those wanting to spend an afternoon crafting alone or with friends!

My Bulby Blushing Cactus was made using using Dishie Yarn from KnitPicks. I find that this is a very affordable, high quality, 100% cotton yarn with.  One skein of each color can easily make several Bulby Blushing Cacti!  That being said, however, all my testers created their cactus friend using different types/brands of yarn and hook size.  They all turned out so brilliant, cute, and beautiful!  Below, I’ve listed information regarding the materials they used  so you can take a look!  I’m grateful to these wonderful ladies for helping me out!:


^ By Elisa S.
Cactus Body: Katia Cotton 100%: nº 20 (pistache)
Soil: Dmc Natura Just Cotton: nº 37 (beige)
Flower: Anchor Style Creativa Fino: nº 280 (bright yellow) and nº 118 (fuchsia)
Hook Size:  2.75 mm Clover Amour Crochet Hook


^By Clara L.
Cactus Body: LoopsandThread in Grass
Soil: Lionbrand Vanna’s Choice in Barley
Pompom: size extra small, yarn Sirdar Snuggle DK
Hook Size: 3.75mm for Bulby Bushing Cactus, 3.50mm for Soil – with Clover Amour Crochet Hook


^By Karie M
Cactus Body and Soil: all colors in Caron Simply Soft
Hook Size: 3.25mm crochet hook


^By Melisa G. (she created 2 already! :P)
Cactus Body, flower, and soil: using a local, brandless cotton yarn with a matte finish in apple green, coral and  light brown respectively
Hook Size: 2.75 mm stainless steel hook

^By Narelle
Cactus Body:  4 Seasons Flinders Cotton (8 ply) in Kiwi
Soil:  4 Seasons Flinders Cotton (8 ply) in Natural
Flower:  4 Seasons Flinders Cotton (8 ply) in Lemon and Blush
Crocheted Flower Pot:  4 Seasons Flinders Cotton (8 ply) in Ochre
Hook Size:  2.5mm Crochet hook


I really hope you’ll like this Bulby Blushing Cactus Crochet Pattern!  Right now, it is on sale for 20% off until Sunday, May 27, 2018 11:59 PST.  If cactus is not your thing, you can find my other two patterns: Chubby Happy Sunflower and Cubbie the Baby Bear with Pineapple in my shop too! 😀





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