Got Craft? Market

Vancouverites who are actively involved in the handmade community must have heard of Got Craft? at least one point in their lives.  Organised by Andrea and Robert, Got Craft? happens bi-annually at the Maritime Labour Centre and has been connecting handmade artists to the public since 2007 (wow – talk about experience!)!

My first GotGraft? Market (as an attendee) was last winter.  I had such a great time (and haul) back then that I was quite looking forward to this year’s spring market!

On May 6, my friend Jenny and I woke up ultra early and made our way to the market.  Our busy work schedules deny us of seeing each other as often and attending handmade events sort of became “our thing”.  Armed with entertainment (her with TV drama and me with my yarn), we patiently waited in line for the market to open.  Jenny had such good foresight as she brought along chairs for us to sit on while we waited!  We were really lucky that the weather was gorgeous, warm, and sunny.

As the clock approached 10am, the amount of people waiting in line had multiplied.  Everyone was very excited and prepared to be wow-ed by vendors inside the building.  The 50 of us who were at the beginning of the line were even more ecstatic because each one of us would receive a free goodie bag!

Upon entering the facility, we were greeted by various people/vendors.  I must compliment the lay out of the market.  Walking through each aisle, I did not feel it was too squishy nor claustrophobic.   There were no dividers in between vendors, giving it a very open feel, and the overall atmosphere was very pleasant.  The air circulation was very good (some markets can get so stuffy that I feel a little sick afterwards)…

Walking through, the first shop that caught my attention was The Beautiful Project by Jeannette.  The bright colors and cute illustrations on her cards are very sharp and eye-catching.  It did not take me long to choose a few sassy cards.  I already know who to give these to 😉


Tessa’s ceramic work (Tessaramics) is very unique.  I had purchased a tiny cat figurine last year from her and this year, I got 2 more pins that day!  These are for my sister as she actually gives me that look on a regular basis… <___<


As usual, whenever Laura (Art + Soul Creative Co) is at a market, I usually “need” something from her.  I’ve purchased so many of her Dino birthday cards previously… so many that I no longer remember who I gave those to ~_~ !  This time, I took her new Starwhal enamel pin and a card featuring her beloved bunny home with me.


My highlight of the day was that I finally got to meet Anne of Birch Street Studio!  Anne and I have been chatting on Instagram since last year, but we’ve never seen each other in person.  I adore and admire her work so much!  They are minimalistic in design, but the details in each piece go with any attire, formal or casual.  I always get at least one or two compliments the day I wear her unique hand painted, laser cut wooded accessories.  You must check out her shop 🙂


Last but not least, I shall show off the contents in this the goodie bag Jenny and I lined up so long for! Look at the variety and types of crafts in this!!


Thank you to all the vendors for their generosity.  You work is truly amazing! =)





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