FREE PATTERN: Mini Crocheted Sushi Charms!

Cute Crocheted Sushi Charms

A while back, I made some mini sushi charms and posted it on my Instagram stories.  Apparently a lot of my followers liked them because I kept getting messages and e-mails for a pattern!

Luckily, these are not difficult to make and should be easy to do for beginners.  Lets get started! 



3.00 mm crochet hook
Tapestry needle
Polyester stuffing (or scrap yarn)
Any type of keychain
Paintbox Yarn – Cotton DK  – this is a 100% cotton, 8-ply/light worsted yarn). I used Tomato Red, Spearmint Green, Daffodil Yellow, White, and Black.  You can definitely use other types of yarn to make this.  Remember to adjust your hook size accordingly though!

ABBREVIATIONS (in US crochet terms): 

MC – magic circle
sts – stitches
sc – single crochet
sc-inc – single crochet increase
sc-dec – single crochet decrease
(…) – repeat everything within bracket


SALMON + TAMAGO + CUCUMBER ROLL (no idea if this is an actual roll, but it looks nice haha)

With Tomato Red
R1: MC 5                       (5 sts)


Change colors to White
R2: (sc-inc) x 5             (10 sts)
R3: (sc, sc-inc) x 5       (15 sts)

R3: (sc, sc-inc) x 5       (15 sts)
Change colors to Black and in outer loop (R4 only):
R4: sc 15                      (15 sts)

IMG_20180512_122150_667  IMG_20180512_122244_107

At this point, take a strand of Daffodil Yellow and Spearmint Green and simply sew on your “tamago” and “cucumbers”.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  I did mine like so:

IMG_20180512_122337_442  IMG_20180512_122425_482

When done to your liking, simply tie several knots to secure.  You’ll then continue using black yarn to crochet the nori part of the body:

R5: sc 15                      (15 sts)
R6: sc 15                      (15 sts)
R7: sc 15                      (15 sts)
R8: sc 15                      (15 sts)


When finished with R8, slst and fasten off.
The bottom part will be made separately and to do so, repeat  R1 to R3.
*TIP* Make sure your bottom tamago and cucumber positions correspond to the top!  Otherwise, be prepared to be embarrassed when your attentive friend points out the discrepancy 😛


If you wish to make this into a keychain, add that now.
Stuff lightly with polyester stuffing (don’t stuff too much or your sushi will bulge out!):


Then, you simply sew the outer loop of the bottom piece to the inner loop of the main sushi

When completed, your charm will look like this:


(Its basically the same steps as the top

With Daffodil Yellow
R1: MC 5                       (5 sts)


Change colors to White
R2: (sc-inc) x 5             (10 sts)
R3: (sc, sc-inc) x 5       (15 sts)


Change colors to Black and in outer loop (R4 only),
R4: sc 15                      (15 sts)
R5: sc 15                      (15 sts)
R6: sc 15                      (15 sts)
R7: sc 15                      (15 sts)
R8: sc 15                      (15 sts)
slst and fasten off

The bottom part is even more simple, repeat R1 – R3 (—hey it even looks like an egg!!!!)
Sew on as explained above.


Now you have 2 cute crocheted sushi keychain charms!



I hope you like this pattern and will be making some soon.  These are so much fun to make and doesn’t take a lot of time.  Very little yarn is needed, meaning you can easily create a bunch for friends without splurging! Remember to tag me on Instagram (@croochetshop) and use the hashtag #croochetshop to show me your work!




– This post is not endorsed in any way –



(All photos and designs are copyrighted and belong to the creator of this pattern,  Jenn @ Croochet.  Please do not repost, redistribute, copy, alter or claim any parts of this pattern in any way as your own.  Do not use my photos please.  You are permitted to resell finished products, but you must give credit to me (Jenn @ Croochet) with a direct link to my etsy shop:  Failure to comply means you are breaking several sections of copyright law, which protects artists’ creations.)



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