Crocheted Watermelon Slice!

A while ago, I finally sat down and made these cute watermelon keychains, designed by the very talented, Chi Wei of One Dog Woof!  If you want to make one yourself with her free pattern, please go here!

First of all, I must mention how I absolutely adore the way this pattern worked up.  You can tell that each stitch was designed with the intent to go exactly where it is (and why).  I actually mentioned this very point to Chi Wei and she says this is because of her “engineer mind” haha!  The very start of this pattern could potentially be a little confusing for beginners, but don’t worry!  As long as you have your stitch markers ready and count your stitches at all times, you should be fine.

The first piece I made was actually the one on the right.  At that moment, my thought process was: I want a cool watermelon.  It needs to be different colors.  I love purple and grey.  What can go wrong…right?

watermelon flat

I started crocheting and was so eager to know how the result would look like.  First, it looked like a mini lilac slipper.  Then it resembled more or less a fuming volcano….



Once I was finished, multiple people told me its an onigiri!! (facepalm)  My mom’s face formed a giant question mark as she queried “this is a watermelon?”.

Me: “-__- Its a cool watermelon(!)”
Maybe I should put sunglasses on it.

I highly recommend this pattern to anyone who knows the basics of crochet.  Chi Wei also offers a lot of free patterns and fun projects on her blog!

For my two slices of watermelons, I used Paintbox Yarn Cotton DK in the following colors:

For Red/Green Watermelon
Spearmint (406)
Rose Red (414)
Paper White (401)

For “Cool” Watermelon <– this is forever it’s name now, idc   >__>
Pail Lilac (445)
Misty Grey (404)
Paper White (401)


**This post is of my personal opinion only and was not endorsed in any way**







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