Welcome and thank you for dropping by! My name is Jenn and I am the maker behind Croochet!  I started this hobby in 2015 and am sooo humbled to have met many great friends/makers along the way. 

Many seem to assume I have an exciting life, but in reality, I think I’m a quite boring.  (Yet, my time is often occupied by doing many different little things…)  On the weekdays, I usually go home right after work and munch on snacks. In my spare time, I crochet and take long walks to clear my mind! 

Bebe, my fluffy rescued doggy, is my entire world and I wish we could have an eternity together.   After many happy years and a long battle with her chronic diseases, she passed away from a sudden heart attack on Feb 21, 2020.  I miss her tremendously and share the grief of everyone who lost a best friend.  

Recently, I’ve been re-focusing my time to create cute amigurumi crochet patterns as well as donations (in the form of my well-loved Chubby Blushing Whales) for The Marine Mammal Rescue, local in Vancouver, B.C.  

I hope this website will help you escape reality for a while and that you will find at least one thing worth smiling about! 🙂

Much Love,
Jenn (+Bebe)